5 ways Physical Therapy can help you prevent falls

Hands on CaneEach year, 2.5 million older Americans are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Falls are often preventable and with the help of a Physical Therapist and personal exercise program, you can ensure your safety. Below are five ways Physical Therapists work with you to help you prevent a fall from occurring.

  1. Improve Balance
    Your Physical Therapist will asses your ability to balance while sitting or standing still and while moving and then work with you on specific exercises than can help improve your balance, such as standing on one leg while trying to catch a ball.
  2. Increase Leg Strength
    Strengthening leg, hip and core muscles help improve your ability to move around, making you less likely to fall. Physical Therapy focuses on building strength in those muscles that are essential to mobility.
  3. Build Endurance
    Being able to walk a short distance, such as getting from one end of your home to the other, without having to rest is important in avoiding falls. Working with your Physical Therapist to build your endurance will help prevent fatigue while walking and thus prevent the risk of a fall.
  4. Train with an Assistive Device
    Sometimes it is necessary to use a cane or walker in order to prevent falls. A Physical Therapist will help you learn how to walk appropriately with such a device and make sure that the device is adjusted to your height specifications in order to prevent injury.
  5. Learn Safety Precautions
    Learning the appropriate precautions to take when trying to prevent falls is important. Your Physical Therapist will review with you how to make your home or living space safer in order to help prevent falls, such as removing rugs and installing secure railings.

Improving your ability to move around in your home is important in maintaining your independence. If you want to live without the fear of falling, All Care Home Health’s Physical Therapists can help.

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