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Home health eligibility for home health care

Patients with traditional Medicare insurance coverage must be homebound as defined by Medicare.

1.You must be under the care of a doctor. Your doctor must refer you for home health services.
2. You must need, and your doctor must certify that you need one or more of the following services:
3. You must be homebound, and your doctor must certify that you are homebound. To be homebound means the following:
  • Leaving your home isn’t recommended because of your condition.
  • Your condition keeps you from leaving home without help (such as using a wheelchair or walker, needing special transportation, or getting help from another person).
  • Leaving home takes a considerable and taxing effort.

A person may leave home for medical treatment or short, infrequent absences for non-medical reasons, such as attending religious services.

4. We must be able to meet your medical needs.

Our agency’s services must be able to meet your medical needs. Learn about our services…

 5. Your doctor must review and sign your plan of care regularly.

We will work with you and your doctor to establish a plan of care. The plan of care must then be reviewed and signed by your doctor on a regular basis.

If you have questions about the above criteria, or if you are unsure if you are eligible for home health services, call us at (434) 836-5883.

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