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Patient Education

Patient education is an important priority in home health care. Our Registered Nurses and Therapists are committed to providing patient and caregiver education to increase understanding of the disease process, to improve medication management, to reduce falls – and ultimately, to improve the health of our patients! Below, we have gathered patient education resources for some of the common conditions.

Alzheimers Disease and Other Dementias



Fall Prevention

Heart Conditions

Kidney Disease

Medication Management


Stroke is the number 5 cause of death and leading cause of debilitation in the United States. Click here for info. Below are some patient education resources from American Stroke Association.

Stroke Prevention

Life After Stroke

Tobacco Cessation

Smoking is a major risk factor for stroke, heart disease, and respiratory conditions. We are committed to educating patients and caregivers about the risks of smoking and second-hand smoke.

Wound Healing

Patient Education Libraries

These multimedia patient education libraries enable you to lookup your specific disease or condition.

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