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Physical Therapy

Home Health Physical Therapy restore the patient to the maximum level of physical function.  Physical Therapy can improve mobility, decrease pain, and increase balance, strength and range of motion. The most common reasons that patients need Home Health Physical Therapy include difficulty walking, aftercare for a knee or hip replacement, gait training after a stroke or cardiac or pulmonary episode, and fall prevention.

All Care Home Health Physical Therapy is here to serve. Our team of Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists will come to your house, apartment, or Assisted Living Facility to evaluate your need for skilled in-home services.

If you are unable to leave the house independently, you may be eligible for in-home Physical Therapy. Let us come to you!

All Physical Therapy services are provided by a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) or Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) who have undergone extensive training in Physical Therapy.

Aftercare following knee or hip surgery

Following a knee or hip surgery, you can expect to feel moderate pain, along with stiffness and soreness. You might not be able to bear weight equally on both legs. You might need to learn to walk with a new assistive device.  Our skilled Physical Therapists will work with you in your home environment to help you gain the physical strength and mobility needed to navigate your home safely and send you on the way to a speedy recovery.

Effects of stroke

Stroke survivors frequently experience general weakness, muscle weakness, speech disorders or hemiparalysis. Physical Therapy can help restore music strength and function.

General Weakness and Muscle Weakness

Diabetes, Conjestive Heart Failure, COPD, Cancer and other diseases impact the entire body, with contributing to generalized weakness, malaise or fatigue. Physical Therapy can help restore strength and function by improving endurance, improving balance, and increasing muscle strength and joint mobility.

Difficulty Walking and Risk of Falling

Osteoarthritis, MS, Parkinson’s, weakness and many other conditions can lead to difficulty walking and risk of falling. Physical Therapy gait training and therapeutic exercises can make walking easier and safer by reducing pain, improving balance, and increasing muscle strength and joint mobility.

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