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Your Health and the Heat

Summertime in the South is a pleasant time for many, but with the warmer temperatures and longer days, our health can suffer from potential heat exhaustion and overexposure to the sun. Throughout July and August, All Care Home Health will be providing tips on how to cope with higher temps. First, it's important to educate yourself on when you could be at risk for heat related illnesses. Here is some general information to make you aware of potential negative effects on your body from hot … [Read more...]

Drewery’s Home Health Story

Drewery received physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services from All Care Home Health. His goal was to recover from the effects of a stroke. He and his wife enjoyed when each therapist visited their home. He says, “We're grateful for all that All Care has done for us!" Pictured at left: Laurie Ann Scearce, MPT, Physical Therapist at All Care Home Health leads Drewery through gait training exercises. … [Read more...]

How to beat the summer heat – Part 3

Now that you know the signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion, you should learn what to do if a person exhibits signs of heat illness.  It is important to help the victim as quickly as possible: For heat stroke, call 911 or emergency health services immediately.  While waiting for help to arrive, begin cooling the person in any way you can.  Move him or her to a cooler place, keep him/her lying down, and remove his or her clothing.  Immerse the victim in a cool bath, spray the victim in cool … [Read more...]