Lifelong Learning Helps to Keep the Brain Active and Healthy

Many studies have indicated that activities which engage the mind may help slow the development of Alzheimers disease and its symptoms. As you age, it can be easy to fall into a routine that does not foster brain activity through engaging activities or trying new things. Below are some ways you can avoid the dullness of the day-to-day routine and instead find opportunities that foster creativity, growth, and learning, all of which are ways to keep your mind active and healthy. Pick up a new … [Read more...]

Ideas for New Hobbies after Retirement

After retirement, you may have found that it can be hard to find things to fill your free time.  Did you have something you always wanted to do when you were younger, but never had the time?  Write a novel, maybe, or learn to cook some new recipes?  Now is the perfect opportunity to do it!  Here are some ideas for hobbies you might enjoy: 1.) Start collecting something.  It can be stamps, coins, music, or even seashells!  Whatever it is that interests you, make a … [Read more...]