What You Need to Know About Joint Replacement Surgery – August 2016 Newsletter

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You can be an olympian at any age

It's only a matter of days before the torch is lit to commence the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil. This summer marks the 120th year of the summer games and the USA will be well represented with more than 550 olympians competing for the chance to take home the gold. The average age of American athletes is 27 years old, but some competitors are well into middle age. Although many athletes 'age out' of their sport due to overuse injuries, declining stamina or strength, or the desire to … [Read more...]

June and Linwood: Happy Valentine’s Day!

June and Linwood have both been All Care patients.  June explains, “We’ve known All Care since 2005 when I had a knee replacement, and [my husband] has had them for the past nine months.” June says, “If you want the best, go with All Care.” Why?  “Linwood had nursing visits every day when he started, so I’ve seen all the girls. One is the good as the other. Without them, he would not be living today. Not only do they have wonderful nursing skills, they are just so compassionate and … [Read more...]