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Know the facts: heart disease and stroke

Many of us associate February with romance, pink and red foiled chocolates and aisles of cheesy cards in stores; but February is also associated with a more serious topic: heart health. February is American Heart Month, which is a dedicated time of year created by the American Heart Association to raise awareness and funds for heart disease in the US. To help educate you on the causes and risks of heart disease and stroke, we've rounded up some … [Read more...]

Our favorite fall prevention resources

Every year one-third of Americans aged 65+ falls. There are many causes and risk factors of falls in older adults such as balance, lack of strength and/or gait. Click the links below in order to learn more about fall prevention techniques. The National Council on Aging has a brief animated video to help you learn more about falls. Read this guide for fall proofing your home from the National Institute for Health shares The National Resource Center for Osteoporosis and Related … [Read more...]

Protecting Against the Flu

Flu season begins this month, so it is important to remember to get your seasonal flu vaccine as soon as possible.  The flu is particularly dangerous to the elderly, who already have weakened immune systems and are more likely to suffer other complications as a result of the flu.  Seniors in their seventies and eighties have a higher risk of dying from seasonal flu complications than individuals in other age groups. You could look here.  The flu is one of the most highly … [Read more...]