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Staying Active when the Weather is Hot

While the heat can make it challenging to motivate yourself to participate in physical activity, moving around is still vital to maintaining good health. Here are some tips to help you stay active when the dog days of summer hit: Take outdoor walks in the evening when the sun is coming up or going down. Stay indoors during the middle of the day when temperatures can be at their highest. Exercise indoors. Find a local senior center that offers group classes in buildings with central air … [Read more...]

Protecting Against the Flu

Flu season begins this month, so it is important to remember to get your seasonal flu vaccine as soon as possible.  The flu is particularly dangerous to the elderly, who already have weakened immune systems and are more likely to suffer other complications as a result of the flu.  Seniors in their seventies and eighties have a higher risk of dying from seasonal flu complications than individuals in other age groups. You could look here.  The flu is one of the most highly … [Read more...]

Gardening Tips for Seniors

Summer is a great time for working outside in the garden.  And not only does the work pay off in your flowers, vegetables, or herbs, but also, gardening offers several health benefits.  These health benefits include: improving strength and endurance; maintaining flexibility, mobility, and motor skills; preventing osteoporosis; and reducing stress levels. However, gardening can be taxing work.  But there are several modifications that seniors can make to … [Read more...]